About Me

947312_10207901031945775_6580414184499299773_nI am Yannie, born and raised in the Philippines.

I have been working for the online industry for 13 years now, more than 9 years of which is for the hotel and hospitality business.  I am currently connected with a luxury villa management and marketing company, based in Southeast Asia.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Hotel and Restaurant Administration from the University of the Philippines. That's where I learned my kitchen skills and developed my coffee addiction.

Traveling is my passion but I travel on strict budget.  I book promo flights from low cost carriers and I normally stay in budget hotels.  One of the reasons is that I want to splurge on food & coffee.  Also, I make sure to have enough money to buy souvenirs for friends and family.  It is the Filipino culture of pasalubong (stuff brought home from abroad to family and friends telling them they were remembered while you were away).  I educate myself with fancier trips when I am out for an official business.  I take advantage of exposing myself to a wider range of travel experience.

And yes, now, I am sharing with you my travel & dining chronicles.  Follow me.

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